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Sleepy Baby

Newborn Essentials

As a parent of two, born within 18 months of each other, I know how tough the Newborn stage can be. One of the first things people say when finding our you're expecting is 'say goodbye to sleep', and they're not wrong. However, by setting good sleep foundations from the beginning, we can start to see longer sleep stretches at night and long-lasting sleep habits as they grow. For babies 0-3 months there is no sleep training involved. I use simple, practical techniques to set good sleep foundations, and emphasise the need for safe sleep. This package can be tailored to new parents, parents to be, and parents who are expecting...AGAIN.

Are you looking to:

Image by Kelly Sikkema

- Be able to recognise sleep cues

-Start to implement gentle techniques for healthy, long-lasting sleep habits

- Learn what can prevent a baby from settling in their cot

- Understand products on the market that you actually need 

- Figure out how to navigate multiple children and sleep

Welcome to...


A bespoke package for new parents or parents to be. A 2-hour Zoom session will include:

  • Safe sleep guidelines and how you can practice them in your own home

  • A room evaluation where we can discuss the optimal sleep environment 

  • Advice on getting your little one into healthy sleep habits 

  • Essential products for your baby- ideal for parents to be 

  • Advice for parents of multiples as you prepare for your new arrival

  • A further 30-minute call within one month of consultation


This package can be done in-home for residents within 30 miles of Wokingham at extra cost. 

If you're unsure if this package is for you, please get in touch. 

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